Simple Slice of Lately (flower picking)


A couple of weeks ago, I saw an online update that one of the beautiful orchards up in the mountains had flowers that were ready for picking. Of course, I called a friend and not an hour later, we were driving through fall leaves and feeling the crisp mountain air.


There were three large rows of the most beautiful and healthy Zinnias and Marigolds. We were allowed to traipse through,  scissors in hand, and find the most vibrant flowers available. The Marigolds were unbelievable.  They looked like giant poof balls–as if they had just come out of a Dr. Seuss book. The Zinnias always make me think of my childhood home. My mom is an amazing gardener and always planted rows of zinnias with happy colorful faces against the bright white of our farmhouse.

flower_picking_california_autumn3The bees were buzzing around the flowers and didn’t seem to mind when we gently shook them off the ones that looked most promising. We brought home quite a few flowers for almost no money. It was the perfect little escape. We finished it off with apple cider doughnuts from a nearby orchard. Flower picking may need to become an autumn tradition.



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