Saturday Mornings

Savoring Saturday mornings is one of my favorite things. I love setting my alarm for a-bit-too-early and slipping out of bed with the newborn morning light. For the next hour or more I sneak around in the kitchen, mixing butter and eggs, grating nutmeg, pinching cinnamon and scooping flour. As my little creation bakes, I sip a warm cup of tea, letting the steam rise onto my chilled nose as I watch the breeze tickle the curtains into our home. This time is special. I feel like I’m using time that not everyone notices, waiting for Adam to awaken to the smell of something in the oven. He groggily follows the scent to the kitchen where breakfast awaits. He gives me that little Saturday morning smile with bits of surprise and excitement.

October Saturday mornings may be my most cherished. I wake up a little too cold, ready for the oven to warm my little kitchen and to hear the sound of rumbling water for my tea. October gives permission for pumpkin, a bit of extra butter and strong autumnal spices. Everyone feels a little more poetic in this sweet month, and recipes are a reflection. October begs for bitter hot coffee sipped with sweet coffee cake across from another.


And so it happened. This morning I followed the call of October and woke up with chilled feet, padded to the kitchen as my eyes began to awaken and set to work. As tough as it is to get my tired, relaxed body out of bed, it is never a disappointment. The filtered light greeted me and matured as my cast iron skillet worked silently with the warm oven to create our crumbly spiced breakfast cake, thus marking the beginning of our October.

(recipe here)


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